Monday, March 31, 2008

#23 Week 9 Yippee!

SLL2 has been a challenging learning experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I wish I had had more free time to play with some of the new tools I discovered here. Blogs, RMS feeds, wikis, and image generators are a few of the tools that I am already using.

I set up a wiki for the library techs in our district to use for collaborating on our district library presentation for the school board. (Tomorrow evening, in the midst of school closure discussions, so we will have quite the audience!)

As I am short on time again, I will not do this last post here the justice it deserves, but I want to be done!

Working at my own pace was great - it allowed me to delve into subjects as deeply as I wanted to, and move on when I wasn’t interested. I realized how much I don’t know about technology. On the other hand, I realized how much more I know, especially now having completed SLL2.0, than many of my co-workers. I am hoping to be able to encourage some of them to give this or Classroom Learning 2.0 a try1

Thank you all for your hard work in putting this program together.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

#22 Week 9 eBooks and Audio ebooks

I love audio books - well at least when I was commuting to school I did. I will still look forward to visiting the World eBook Fair from July 4th - August 4th to download my choice of free audio books! Maybe by then I will even have an iPod to play them on.

As for the Gutenberg Project - WOW! 1000s more reasons to sit in front of my computer! This is great for students when funding is close to, or nonexistent. I saw that Flatland was in the top 100 downloads - a book that I purchased last year for a math class. And several other books that have been on my reading list for years are listed. I could spend way too much time wandering on these sites!

Monday, March 10, 2008

#21 Week 9

I just read an email that said this is the last week for winter2.0 fun! ack! I really want to finish this program this time.

So I have been looking at podcast sites and listening to podcasts. I saw a very interesting idea at Education Podcasts Network for elementary podcasts of 1st graders stories being read by the authors and the parents were very impressed. What a great idea!

My husband listens to a radio show regularly that is also podcast, so if he misses a show he can go download the podcast and still hear it. Technology - what wonderful stuff.

Here's the one I liked best - I found a podcast by Avi talking about his Newbery winner - Crispin. He is one of my favorite authors! I found this by doing an audio search for children's authors on yahoosearch.